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The daily e15 reported on Wednesday that prices for apartments in the Czech Republic are currently at the highest levels in the last five years. The housing market continues to grow, the report said on Thursday. The company is known worldwide for being one of the leading insurance groups in Prague, earning more than 1.5 billion euros annually.

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Whether you are trading real estate in the Czech Republic or Slovakia or looking for investment opportunities abroad, we offer exceptional customer service based on over 160 years of experience. You need to find properties you like and consider buying or selling them. Whether you are looking for real estate or real estate, buying and selling real estate in the Czech Republic requires a well-planned and guided approach, as it contains opportunities and pitfalls. Sales within the Czech Republic and abroad from the Republic also require a well-plan and guides, which are closer due to the possibilities they contain. They contain opportunities, but also pitfalls, due to the lack of information on market conditions and the potential pitfalls of the various markets.

Our local knowledge also enables us to advise you on the reliability of our municipal partners in the Czech Republic and our expertise in real estate sales in Slovakia.

Conbiz helps investors who are thinking about buying property in the Czech Republic with our expert consulting services and our extensive market knowledge in Slovakia and Slovakia.

If you own a property located in different financial districts, you must file a tax return for the financial district in which it is located. You have the possibility to file your tax return in the following years if you are registered as a new owner of the property in each year of the Czech land register. It is possible to purchase properties to varying degrees, depending on residence and nationality. Never mind if you become the owner of a property in the Czech Republic that is inherited from your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or other family members. Tax returns for your properties are prepared separately and filed in accordance with the tax laws of each tax district in which the property is located.

To apply to the Land Registry, you must first file a tax return for the financial district in which the property is located.

Czech and non-EU banks require authorisation from the Czech National Bank, while EU banks can also use their respective national authorisations. Foreigners who have real estate assets in the Slovak Republic are defined as foreigners as defined in Article 2 (a) and (b) of the Czech Real Estate Tax Act. In particular, land registered in the Czech Land Registry, finished or occupied buildings and land with more than 1,000 square metres are subject to Czech land tax.

The central Prague district is the most expensive in our price guide, including Prague 1 and Prague 2, followed by Prague 3, Prague 4 and Prague 5. The other great place to live in Prague is Prague 6, but this part of the city is really only accessible by bus or train from the city centre and other parts of Prague.

The crime rate in the Czech Republic is quite low, so you can invest in Prague now without being nervous. To minimize the risk of unwanted visitors, you should choose an apartment on one of the upper floors. Many apartment blocks in the Republic have basements where people can store their belongings, but these are usually the first place where burglars go to steal belongings.

The cost of buying a good property in the Czech Republic is much lower compared to other developed countries and cities due to low taxes and prices.

The increase in nominal real estate prices in Slovakia has outpaced and kept pace with inflation in consumer goods. House prices, by contrast, are unlikely to fall anytime soon, especially in Prague. With pandemic statistics showing a decline in household confidence, the Czech Republic is set to see a record year of new mortgage lending. This has resulted in many empty apartments in the Prague area at prices that no one can really afford, as most investors do not want to cut costs.

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