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On Monday, the National Museum in Prague opened a special exhibition of face masks, which depict protective objects sewn and worn during the coronavirus crisis. The exhibition entitled "Drzime spolu" ("Holding Together") presents two dozen face masks, which are presented as symbols of the Czech Republic's fight against the coronvirus. In front of the museum you will be greeted by two men who pretend to be "Czech Republic," and the exhibition will be shown for the first time in the Museum of Science and Technology in Prague.

Much of the exhibition is described in English, but the Prague Museum, where I am interested and where there are many posters in Czech and German.

Guided tours are also offered to explain the entire historical part of Prague's museums. Have a look at our list of Prague museum galleries below, which contains all the museums and galleries in Prague and the Czech Republic represented by the National Museum of Czechoslovakia, the Prague Museum, the Czech National Library and the Czech Museum.

If you are in Prague, you should also check out our section on accommodation in the Czech Republic: Where to go and what to do when you visit Prague. You can choose from a wide variety of hotels in the city, from the most popular hotels to the cheapest hotels, and you can check them all on our list of Prague hotels for the best prices.

No museum visit is complete without tasting the many fine beers of the Czech Republic. So make sure to visit the Beer Museum in Prague to sample some of the best beers in the Prague Gardens. With over thirty taps, you will certainly have a good time, and it is just a short walk from the Museum of Fine Arts.

For a unique gift in Prague, visit the museum shop where visitors can buy some of the most interesting and unique art and design pieces from the Czech Republic as well as some unique pieces from around the world. KGB, Communism and Jewish museums are great places to explore the history of your country and Prague itself, while the museums of Karel Zeman and Franz Kafka will give you a little more information about the life of one of Czechoslovakia's most famous authors. You will find museums that highlight culture, history, architecture and even quirky local museums that present the unusual and interesting history of the Czech Republic.

Entrance to any of the museums is not required, and the only requirement for visiting is that you buy an entrance ticket during the full months when many tourists are in Prague. There are some Prague museums that you have to go to by taxi, but it is worth taking an airplane. The Prague Card includes unlimited access to all museums and the city centre, so you should consider purchasing it here for $35.00. Therefore, Prague is a favor for tourists allowed and you can visit any museum for only $5.50 a day or as much as you like.

When visiting the Zidovske Muzeum, you can also book a guided tour of the Jewish Old Town and synagogues in Prague. Entrance to the cemetery is included in the price of a day ticket for 5.50 dollars per day or 10.00 dollars.

Another part of the Czech National Museum that should not be missed is the National Museum and the library in the New Building. Although the museum is very small, it is surrounded by the famous Karel Zeman Museum. Therefore, you must plan to visit it as a whole, at least if you are in Prague.

One of the most unique museums in Prague is the Czech National Museum, from which most of the objects come. The museums of the Czech Republic are located in Prague, Bratislava, Kladno, Zagreb and other parts of Prague. In 10 buildings in and around Prague, the museum has millions of objects and artifacts from the past.

In Prague there are several notable museums to visit, such as the Czech National Museum, the Czech Museum of Fine Arts and the Prague Art Museum. The Czech Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most famous museums in the country, is located in the Slovak Museum of Fine Arts in Bratislava, but also in Kladno and Zagreb.

The fascinating Naprstek Museum is located in Prague's Old Town, known for its winding cobbled streets and beautiful architecture. The museum is worth a visit and is one of the most important cultural attractions in Prague and the Czech Republic. It is located near Prague Castle and is a great visit to the historical and cultural heritage of the city and the history of Czechoslovakia.

This is where the Czech Music Museum is located, which is today one of the most visited museums in Prague for good reason. The collection of Jewish and Jewish ceremonial art is one of the largest in the world. The National Museum is currently a museum with almost 14 million objects from art, music, literature, history, architecture, archaeology, art history and more, located in a complex of buildings in the heart of Prague's Old Town and the city centre. This museum is divided into three main sections: art, culture and history, art and artifacts, and art and science.

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