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Summer is a busy time, with numerous celebrations taking place throughout the year in the Czech Republic and unpredictable social events taking place all over the country. The cultural scene in Prague will be bustling in March, all because of the annual Prague March, the largest and most important festival in Czechoslovakia. With numerous festivals, concerts, festivals and other events throughout the country, summer is the busiest time of the year for the Prague Republic, not only in terms of entertainment, but also in terms of cultural events.

Prague's festivals are not lacking, from the bustling Christmas market in the city centre to the annual Prague Arts and Crafts Festival, and there is never a shortage of festivals to attend.

There is a lot to see in March, and you can see several dramas and operas scheduled for March and beyond.

Depending on the number of days you want to visit Prague, you can view our tailor-made itinerary for a visit to Prague in March. Tickets are marked for persons who have to travel to Prague during spring. If you are visiting events in the Czech Republic, such as the Prague Spring Festival, we recommend you stay in the city centre and take public transport to the events.

These events on your Prague to-do list will help you ensure that you don't miss any action if you plan to visit the Czech capital at this time of year. In our guide you will find tickets for the Prague Spring Film Festival and other events in the city centre.

Spare yourself the cold of March by drinking some of the city's famous beers and ending with a sumptuous dinner. This festival takes place every second Saturday of the month, so you get not only some good beers, but also a fantastic view.

You can describe the extravagant energy that comes from Prague's burlesque festival, but the big part is that all the performances are done in elaborate make-up - making it a sight for visitors to Prague to explore during their visit. The lights shimmer, the costumes are elaborately made-up, and there is a lot of dancing, dancing and dancing.

The amazing festivals and celebrations in the Czech Republic will put you in a state of frenzy while you experience them. Prague also offers its citizens and visitors a variety of festivals that provide entertainment. If you want to visit one of the famous festivals in the city or enjoy the fantastic music, dance, food and entertainment of cultural events in Prague, Prague does not disappoint and is the Czech capital, where the largest and most famous music festival in the world, the Prague Music Festival, takes place.

It's the setting for some of the world's most popular music festivals. The festival is held every year on the first weekend in August and is held in front of a huge crowd of thousands of people from all over the Czech Republic. The impressive line-up of metronomeas sets new standards for spectacular live shows, year after year, from 2016, making the festival the largest and most famous music festival of its kind in Europe.

Prague has a well-connected public transport system and is used by the majority of the population here. Prague offers a wide range of accommodation options, but the different budgets depend on the type of accommodation available and the number of hotels available. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and an important tourist destination in the Czech Republic, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Prague hosts several wine events every month, including the popular Prague Castle Wine Festival. Wine, which comes mainly from South Moravia, is tasted in Prague, while Prague's Litomerice and Melnik also have their own creations. Every year, hundreds of exhibitions are organized in more than 35 locations in Prague: Superstudio, Openstudyio and Art House are the main events of the festival, with over a hundred exhibitions [3]. From June to September, the Prague Castle is equipped with exhibitions, which take place in the breathtaking courtyard of the burgrave.

Prague opens the doors of some of its most famous museums at night so that visitors can explore them after dark, and for the first time in the history of the Czech Republic.

The Khamoro ( in Prague, which is usually held at the end of May, is a festival of Roma (gypsy) culture. It is one of the largest events held in squares and various Prague venues, holding seminars and workshops and presenting traditional clothing, exhibitions and films. The festival is held every year on the last Sunday in May on Prague's main square, the Old Town Square. Every first Sunday of the month, people gather in the square to burn witches "images.

The event will be attended by over 60 of the best beer brands brewed in Czech, Moravian and foreign microbreweries. In recent years, there have been brews from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Austria, as well as local microbreweries.

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